The links below take you to a list of resources that may be useful in preparation for PLAB1. This list was collated in January 2014 by REACHE North West members and staff and while people have reported them as useful, not all the resources can be verified as reliable.
For REACHE NW members, there is access to specially-developed Safe Prescribing online modules:

Here is some information about the PLAB1 with some examination tips – as always these things can be personal so please develop your own strategies for success! Below are some FREE, reputable learning resources. You will need to register in order to use them, but each has a selection of good modules. You will need your BMA registration number to access the BMJ Learning.

Medscape is a US web site. It has lots of good modules, but remember to check a site such as NHS Choices , NICE or to see the UK specific guidelines for any topic you study.
Test your awareness (YouTube video):

This is a reminder about the importance of examination technique for Single Best Answer examination questions! Don’t jump straight to the answer you think is correct without checking that it answers the question directly.


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